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INVEST-KAPITAL, s. r. o. in year 2014: company's Profit/Loss dropped from -21 612 € to -1,296 mil. € and revenue increased    8 % to 2,104 mil. €.

  • CIN 35953217
  • TIN 2022052923
  • Registered address INVEST-KAPITAL, s. r. o.
    Žehrianska 6 851 01 Bratislava
  • Historical name BPY, spol. s r.o. (valid until: 27.10.2017)
Year of the last financial statement 2014
Revenue 2,104,003 €
Profit/Loss -1,295,777 €
Credit scoring

Current issues

Bankruptcies and restructuring
Court financial orders
Law suits
Tax arrear
Customs arrear
Do you need information about INVEST-KAPITAL, s. r. o. in English?

We can help you determine the financial health of your Slovak business partner by providing comprehensive information about companies in Slovakia and their financial status.

We provide the following information about INVEST-KAPITAL, s. r. o. :

  • Business Background Investigation – our skilled team of analysts collects and analyzes information on your selected targets; by reviewing information from numerous sources we are able to identify key risks and uncover hidden facts and relations, e.g.:
    • review the property and financial situation of yout target in detail
    • verify authenticity of financial statements
    • reveal hidden links to target’s employees, organized crime or entities with a negative reputation (e.g. oligarchs, etc.)
    • gather information about final beneficiaries of your target
    • thorough review of the target’s reputation and the integrity of its key representatives
    • evaluate risks related to the target
  • Financial statements for years 2009 – 2014 in a structured XLSX files containing:
    • Assets
    • Liabilities and Equity
    • Income Statement
  • Financial ratios for years 2009 – 2014 in a structured XLSX file
  • Financial report of INVEST-KAPITAL, s. r. o. that includes the following:
    • Credit Scoring (Altman Z-score, Index 05)
    • Current issues and negative aspects indicators
    • Debts, bankruptcies, restructuring, judgements and other negative aspects
    • Financial data with historical trends
    • Number of employees for current and previous years
    • Statutory board, directors and roles from the Business register
    • Business sectors, previous business names and adresses
    • Graphic representation of financial indicators and ratios
Do you need information about multiple companies?
  • Customised database in CSV or XLSX for specific company groups based on your own requirements such as:
    • Specific business sectors
    • Geographical location
    • Financial data - turnover, revenue
    • Number of employees
    • Type of business entity
  • Datasets:
    • Dataset of all slovak companies and organizations
    • Dataset of all slovak self-employed persons
    • Datasets of complete financial statements for slovak companies
    • Datasets of marketing data for slovak companies
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