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Information on Slovak and foreign Companies in English

We provide the following services in English

  • Financial Report and Financial Statements: summary of records about the financial performance and current issues of a Slovak company
  • Bulk exports of Slovak companies:
    • dataset of all Slovak companies and organisations
    • dataset of all Slovak self-employed persons
    • datasets of complete financial statements for Slovak companies
    • customised exports based on your own requirements
  • Database of foreign companies:
    • explore over 78M companies from Europe and beyond through project
    • complex information on foreign companies and their financial status in PDF reports
  • Most of the English services are provided in FinStat ELITE and FinStat ULTIMATE
Contact us:
+421 903 531 533


Our services provided in English:

English exports

Data exports about companies and entrepreneurs into CSV or XLSX

Customised exports:
  • apply additional filtering criteria to our database of companies and sole traders, database of insolvencies and restructuring, court orders, and payment orders
  • export bulk data about companies and sole traders to Excel in English (financial, contact or marketing details, information about current issues and 6 Credit Scoring models for evaluating the financial health of companies)
  • export all the important information about companies in your portfolio in English into Excel
  • customise export based on your own requirements
Datasets of complete Slovak market in one CSV file:
  • enable you to contact selected companies with contact details in a specialised database
    • suitable for sales departments, marketing campaigns and call centres
  • serve as a tool for the conduct of sector and industry analyses
  • CSV format is easily imported into most of the information systems, for example your CRM system

Financial Report and Financial Statements

Summary of records about the financial performance of a company

Financial Report in PDF:
  • clear, comprehensible, and up-to-date
  • parameters of Financial Report:
    • Credit Scoring (Altman Z-score, Index 05)
    • current issues and negative aspects as: debts, bankruptcies, restructuring, court orders, etc.
    • financial data with historical trends, graphic representation of financial indicators and ratios
    • number of employees for current and previous years
    • statutory board, directors and roles from the Business Register
Financial Statements:
  • financial statements in structured form available in Slovak, German and English
  • possibility to download per year or for all available years in one file
  • enable you to create your own macros, graphs and calculations
  • available exports from 2013 to the current financial year in a structured XLSX files:
    • Financial statements containing assets, liabilities and equity income statement
    • Financial ratios

FinStat Business Investigation of Slovak companies

Our skilled team of analysts collects and analyses information on your selected targets; by reviewing information from numerous sources we are able to identify key risks and uncover hidden facts and relations, e.g

  • review the property and financial situation of your target in detail
  • verify authenticity of financial statements
  • reveal hidden links to target’s employees, organised crime or entities with a negative reputation (e.g. oligarchs, etc.)
  • gather information about final beneficiaries of your target
  • thorough review of the target’s reputation and the integrity of its key representatives
  • evaluate risks related to the target

Whether you want to expand your business to abroad, identify new prospects, better understand individual industries and countries, or automatically upload data to your software, will provide you with all the tools you need to facilitate navigation in the European market. You get access to a database of 75M+ companies from 60 countries, HitHorizons Screener, API and companies reports.

HitHorizons Screener

A B2B lead generation and market research tool that filters through millions of companies. Use 18 filtering criteria and various sorting options. See data online or export it in CSV. Analyze individual market segments, industries, or countries, understand particular markets and their size, get a grasp on the broader competitive landscape or pick companies you would like to collaborate with.

HitHorizons API

Whether you are a user or a provider of a CRM or other B2B software solutions, reinforce those tools with data available in the HitHorizons database. Integrate data such as sales and number of employees data - all in one language, one format, updated automatically.

Integration Solutions for Microsoft Tools

Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Power Platform can all be connected to the HitHorizons database through our API or our pre-built solutions for individual Microsoft tools.

PDF reports of foreign companies

Reports of foreign companies help you research comprehensive information about companies and their financial status. They are available for all European and selected countries from all around the world.

Foreign Reports:

  • company rating
  • experiences with collection of receivables against the company
  • all items in the balance sheet and profit and loss in the recent years
  • calculated ratio indicators - indicators of liquidity, profitability, performance
  • basic financial data and their development - turnover, equity, profit
  • assessment of the payment morale
  • basic company billing information
  • incorporation date and the registered office of a company
  • legal form and number of employees
  • branches and their addresses
  • changes of statutory representatives and their addresses
  • available in Slovak, English and German