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Financial information on Slovak companies in English

We provide comprehensive information about companies in Slovakia and their financial status

We can help you determine the financial health of your Slovak business partner by providing a financial report and financial statements. If you plan to enter potential markets in Slovakia, FinStat can help by providing financial data in a standardised format in English and German.


  • Financial reports can help you easily analyse and evaluate your potential business partners
  • Everything is avaliable in one PDF document
  • See how the business has grown over the years and see current and historical financial data trends
  • Stay informed about public records – bancruptcies, judgements, tax arrears and insurance debts

What can you find in our Financial Report?
  • Credit Scoring (Altman Z-score, Index 05)
    • evaluate your potentional business partner based on a Credit Scoring
  • Current issues and negative aspects indicators
    • find out about debts, bancruptcies, restructuring, judgements and other negative aspects
  • Financial data
    • access a financial data overview with historical trends
  • Number of employees for current and previous years
  • Statutory board, directors and roles from the Busines register
  • Business sectors, previous business names and adressses
  • Graphic representation of financial indicators and ratios


Benefits of our financial statements:

  • The Excel format – easy to work with and ready for further analysis
  • All entries from balance sheets, profit & loss statements
  • See how the financial situation has evolved in the past with data trends for all avaliable years
  • Over 60 financial indicators such as EBITDA, cash- flows, profitability and activity ratios
  • 5 Credit Scoring models
  • Financial statements avaliable in English and German


Order a customised database in CSV or XLSX for specific company groups based on your own requirements such as:

  • Specific business sectors
  • Geographical location
  • Financial data - turnover, revenue
  • Number of employees
  • Type of business entity


How can you use FinStat Datasets?

  • Analyse and evaluate your business partners or related companies
  • Set up your business and marketing strategies using contact and financial data from our dataset
  • Analyse, develop and test your own Credit-scoring models
  • Discover new oportunities for M&A activities
  • Conduct financial research and other activities which require big data
  • Import data directly to your CRM system

What types of dataset can we offer in English?

Datasets of complete financial statements for slovak companies
  • All the financial statements of all companies in one CSV document
  • Financial data for over 220K companies
  • Contains every single entry from company financial statements (income statements and balance sheets)
  • Document contains financial databases for every year since 2009
  • Additional company information and data about current issues (debts, bancruptcies or restructuring proceedings)
  • Datasets are updated on a weekly basis
Datasets of marketing data for slovak companies
  • Complete database of all the companies in one CSV document
  • Information about over 420K companies and 700K sole traders
  • Essential company information
  • Contacts (phone, email, web) and addresses for your marketing campaign
  • Statutory board and directors information
  • Current issues such as debts, tax, bankruptcies.
  • Datasets are updated on a weekly basis

If you require any further information or would like to see samples of our products, please contact us: